Several Neighborhood Storage Facilities are scheduled for painting from now through the end of 2021. 

During most of this time, you will have access to your units as normal. However, on occasion, access may be restricted for periods of time up to four (4) hours. If there is a particular time during this period you know you will need access, please contact the property manager, so accommodations can be made. You will always be able to call ahead and check on the accessibility of your unit. 

While the timeframe above is the intended improvement timeframe, please note that the work could be delayed due to inclement weather conditions or other factors. If this occurs, we expect the improvements will be completed within two (2) months of the originally scheduled date and we will notify you via email and post a notice at the location listed above, informing you of the updated dates.

Due to the nature of the work being performed, dust and other airborne particulates may be present in and around the facility during this period. Although painters will attempt to safeguard the contents of the individual units, some construction dust, which may include paint overspray, could potentially enter into the individual units. However, if you have utilized the Commonly Advised Packing Methods (set forth below), you should not have any lasting negative impact on your belongings!

We are requesting that you please review the items you have in storage and verify that you are currently utilizing these Commonly Advised Packing Methods.

Commonly Advised Packing Considerations and Methods Include:

Storage units are vented and subject to climate changes, humidity fluctuations, and outside dust and debris typical to most garage environments so the following should be observed:
✔ Moisture sensitive items should be stowed away from the door and off the ground.
✔ All items should be packed in sealed boxes or covered by disposable plastic sheeting.
✔ Nothing should be stacked within 6" of the door or the door track.
✔ Cloth, paper, leather, electronic equipment, and other moisture sensitive items should be stored off of the ground and should be covered with disposable plastic sheeting.
✔ Cars, boats, motorcycles, furniture and other precious items should be completely covered with disposable plastic sheeting. Cloth, canvas or other absorbent coverings could be damaged.

To assist you in this, plastic sheeting will be available at no charge from the Management Office during normal business hours, starting October 15, 2021 (pick up by scheduled appointment only) until the end of the project.

THIS IS AN IMPORTANT NOTICE! Precautions to cut down on the amount of dust and construction debris created during this process will be taken. However, it is the Tenant's responsibility to protect and secure the items stored inside their units, including covering to protect from airborne particulates. Neighborhood Storage will not be responsible for any damage to the items in storage units caused by dust or other debris either from this project or from any other source.